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Steampunk Christmas

The first time I did a collaboration with Brubike Café Espresso I had illustrated small cats lined up at the Brubike espresso bar.  When Brubike contacted me about doing a Christmas collaboration involving Christmas prints, I knew I would continue the cat theme but how would I make it different.


I studied images of steampunk clothes. One challenge was scaling the size of the cat to the clothes. Another challenge was figuring out what colour for the clothes that would compliment not a person’s complexion, but a cat’s fur! A few times, I was very focused on colouring the clothes that when I looked up, I’d give my head a shake because there was a cat’s face, not a person’s face.

With the first Brubike illustration I kept to the exact colours of the coffee bar. Second time around, I had more fun and coloured the espresso bar whatever colour I fancied.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Streampunk Christmas cards, they are being sold in my shop: a box of 10 cards for $25; 3 cards for $9.00; 2 cards for $8.00. I’m still trying to figure out why a few of my images are being cut off when uploaded. The image you see in this blog post is the exact image of the Steampunk Christmas cards.

If I can give you an art lesson when creating these cards, it would be if you have a chance to illustrate an image a second time, don’t be scared step away from the reference photo. If you like how a particular blue looks, like I did when creating the espresso bar, go for it! Thank you for stopping by.

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