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The White Harley at the Jordan River

The location of this illustration is the Jordan River on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. I rarely illustrate landscapes. My first choice is illustrating people, creating portraits, and then illustrating motorcycles and cars. However, when I saw on Instagram @thrulynnslens this photo of the Jordan River I immediately wanted to illustrate it. The colours of the derelict graffiti sprayed building and the ground blew my mind.

There is no motorcycle in Lynn’s photo, but this wouldn’t be one of my illustrations, if I didn’t add a motorcycle. I thought about adding a person but I didn’t want to take away from the graffiti drawn image of Jughead. Kudos to the artist who drew that.

The illustrations I create are detail-oriented and I use Copic markers, a controlled medium. My challenge was making the graffiti look free-flowing and “sprayed”. I used my blender pen to distort the ink, as well as my black colour pencil to dirty the graffiti. The diagonal lines of the building provide perspective and distance.

The path wasn’t supposed to be that colour, but I had grabbed the wrong marker, Y23, an (orange/yellow). I mixed Y11 (a light yellow) to add contrast. That golden yellow brightens the illustration.  I coloured in the white motorcycle last. With all the colour in the background and foreground no other colour motorcycle would work. It had to be white.  I was glad I could use a photo of a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail I had taken a year ago.

White Harley Jordan River.jpg