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Victoria, BC

E.  JCV Art Studio
Photo courtesy of Posy Photography

I tell my clients that my art serves a purpose. Each illustration has a special memory, and I look forward to discovering the "surprise" detail, whether it's the red highlight around white-wall tires, or a hint of blue in a motorcyclist's hair.

As a teenager I always loved fashion illustrations. I created charcoal and pastel portraits. In my early 20s I took a sabbatical from my art while I raised my family. Later, after discovering the fashion illustrations of British illustrators David Downton and Hayden Williams, my two biggest influences, I began creating art again. 

My first commission was a bright red sprint car, my medium, water-soluble colour pencils. After completing numerous commissions, I switched to Copic markers. I enjoy hearing the backstory behind every owner's classic Porsche, TR6, or Volvo P1800. I illustrate confident female motorcycle riders, and I currently have 7 female riders in my Woman Empowered Series, which was shown in January 2018 at the "New Beginnings" art show hosted by the Coast Collective. I have shown my work in many art shows, and every two years I donate a painting to the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) Art Appeal event.  

When you click on a picture, and hover your mouse over the image, a short pop up description will give you a little information about that picture. Joanna